Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Last Friday I saw Ubuntu official blog about 20.04 LTS. After reading some initial reviews, I have upgraded my PC to Ubuntu 20.04. Here are some issues I got and problems I have noticed with this new version.

Why I decided to Upgrade

  1. A review suggested its light-weight than previous versions.
  2. Improved Kernel performances.

My HP Laptop uses ryzen -7 2700 series processor, which consumes more power than Windows. Roughly I can run my PC maximum uptop 5 hours. Better Kernel improvements would increase my battery life. That was the main thing in my mind.

Issues with version Upgrade

Different Ubuntu LTS version

I was using Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS version, which is not .04 version. When I used do-release-upgrade , I was not shown any new release available. Then I had to change, /etc/update-manager/release-upgrade file to looks like this.

# Default behavior for the release upgrader.[DEFAULT]
# Default prompting and upgrade behavior, valid options:
# never - Never check for, or allow upgrading to, a new release.
# normal - Check to see if a new release is available. If more than one new
# release is found, the release upgrader will attempt to upgrade to
# the supported release that immediately succeeds the
# currently-running release.
# lts - Check to see if a new LTS release is available. The upgrader
# will attempt to upgrade to the first LTS release available after
# the currently-running one. Note that if this option is used and
# the currently-running release is not itself an LTS release the
# upgrader will assume prompt was meant to be normal.

Previously it was having Prompt=lts , and then again running do-release-upgrade . I was hoping this would bring to 20.04, I was wrong. This brought me to Ubuntu 19.10, which was normal next version of Ubuntu.

Then from here, I had to edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrade file to have Prompt=lts . and the do a do-release-upgrade

Finally I booted to Ubuntu 20.04.

Is it really good?

Docker compose was not working

I was working with my hobby project, and when I try to run docker-compose , it gave me an error.

runtime: mlock of signal stack failed: 12
runtime: increase the mlock
limit (ulimit -l) or runtime: update your kernel to 5.3.15+, 5.4.2+,
or 5.5+ fatal error: mlock failed

Thats ok, I just need to upgrade my default 20.04 (5.4.0) kernel into 5.4.2+. I went to official kernel site and downloaded kernel package. But after install it was not working. Which I have asked from (askubuntu). Today I got the answer as I used unsigned kernel packages, I should disable Secure-Boot option from Bios. After this docker-compose was working as usual.

Login prompt lags

Ubuntu 20.04 uses latest Gnome desktop, so we get a fancy Login prompt. We can add our profile photo etc. But the problem was, If you mistypes your password. It takes too much time for next attempt to come online.

If you mis typed your password one time, then there is a higher probability you to enter only half of your password in next attempt, because its not fast as human user.

Most tools come with snap

Some default apps were bundled with snap package manager. So it updates apt and snap packages.

No improvement in bootloader

Some posts suggested 20.04 comes with improved boot loader. But I couldn't notice any improved behavior.

Good things?

I used Ubuntu 20.04 for last a few days, these are my initial positive finding about it.

  1. Indeed it uses less resources. My initial findings showed me it uses 100MB less RAM usage than 18.04.
  2. Battery life is slightly improved, but not as I expected. (one big issue with Linux and laptops)
  3. Better UIs, easy to use and navigate.

As I understood, Ubuntu tries to go their own journey,away from debian. Also adding many business features such as inbuilt VPN, universal passwords and Livepatch.

Stay at Home — Enjoy Ubuntu




DevOps who is willing to learn and try new things.

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Sachith Muhandiram

Sachith Muhandiram

DevOps who is willing to learn and try new things.

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