This is part two of our journey to Hill sides of Sri Lanka. If you have missed you can read part-1 of this series.

From NanuOya we took a public trasport bus to come to NuwaraEliya. It takes around 30–40 minutes and cost only 23 rupees per person ( early 2020). If you took Tuk tuk, it would be much different story. Also buses are not jammed packed. We got seats easily and there were plenty of room left.

We got off from NuwaraEliya bus stand at about 2pm, then we were looking for a place to have lunch. There are a lots of restaurants, you can select one for your prefaces. We selected HelaBojun restaurant near Victoria Park. This is run with some government involvement for empowering women. You can get a clean, healthy food for a very reasonable price.

There is also a good restaurant right next to HelaBojun, its called Themparadu, where we got dinner. Run by some local youngsters. This is famous among foreigners, but food and prices are acceptable.

Then we did a short tour in Nuwaraeliya town, specially visited colonial aged Post office and Hatton National Bank. Finally to our hotel. It was a small hostel type hotel, we booked it as our plan was to stay there only one night.

Evening, we did some walking again. First Gregory lake, its nice place for chilling with family. Also if you are willing you can take a boat tour, we got one 500 rupees per person. If you are looking for more adventure, then there are speed boats and high speed water bikes. This is also a good place for street food. All kind of street foods available there.

at city center, there are many restaurants available from cheap to very expensive. Araliya Food court is a place you can get good tea experience. This is a bit expensive place.

Overall, Nuwaraeliya is a good place to spend some quality time with family. Environment is always chill. Day time around 25C and night around 10C.

Next day morning, we went to Horton Plains National Park. I will share that experience soon.

Stay safe!



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Sachith Muhandiram

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