Stock Market experience — After one year

  • Buying stocks from broker suggested price.
  • Sell too early
  • Buy/sell all at once
  • Buying soon as I get money
  • Not following social media for investment decisions.
  • Buy only blue-chip companies.
  • Invest saved money, not loans
  • Do not invest all the money in your hand. If you have 100K to invest, first invest 30–50K and watch how it moves, without thinking its your money. After understanding market basics, invest rest.
  • Buy/sell in pyramid pattern.This video will give a basic idea. It helped a lot in recent buying in CSE.
  • Do not start trading soon after enter market. I still dont do trading, which gives me a lots of relaxed feeling. I do not want to keep an eye on market always. Specially with borrowed money.
  • Study about basics of accounting, financial reporting etc and technical charts.
  • Do not follow anyone blindly to buy and sell recommendations , it may be a social media guru or even your stock broker advisor.
  • Before I started investing, I was using money for many useless things. Like buying gadgets etc. But after starting investments, I get a feeling, if I invest these money, I could get more benefit in future than this gadget.
  • Invest in dividend paying , stable stocks.



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Sachith Muhandiram

Sachith Muhandiram

DevOps who is willing to learn and try new things.