Importance of Unit tests — My journey with Unit-tests 2

#include <cstddef>

class LinkedList{
int value {0};
LinkedList* nextNode {NULL};

LinkedList* addNewNode(int nodeVal){

LinkedList *newNode;
newNode->value = nodeVal;
newNode->nextNode = nullptr;

return newNode;
linkedlist = addNewNode(5);

EXPECT_TRUE(linkedlist != nullptr);
EXPECT_TRUE(linkedlist->nextNode != nullptr);
Segmentation fault
LinkedList* getANodeWithGivenValue(LinkedList *existingList,int value){   while (existingList != NULL){      if(existingList->value == value){          return existingList;
existingList = existingList->nextNode;
TEST_F(LinkedListTest,getANodeWithGivenValueNoMatchingValueReturnsFalse){    LinkedList *existingList = addNewNode(1);    LinkedList *nodeWithTheGivenValue =     getANodeWithGivenValue(existingList,5);    EXPECT_TRUE(nodeWithTheGivenValue->nextNode == nullptr);    EXPECT_EQ(nodeWithTheGivenValue->value,0);



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Sachith Muhandiram

Sachith Muhandiram

DevOps who is willing to learn and try new things.